People often speak or write about our work but very few have been exposed to what a naval architect really does.

An architect of course is someone who is able to make your dream come true, he is someone who is able to imagine the future, or create a product, but he is also someone with a deep understanding of every area of yacht design: the construction methods, the ergonomics, what it’s like living at sea, interior decoration and how light interacts with materials, the loads from the ocean in the wind, the regulations the economics and how to make everyone move forward.

He’s the client’s point of contact, able to lead the project from the initial vision all the way to completion.

It requires experience, the ability to communicate and understand everyone, knowledge of engineering of course, expert of the design process, but above all the chance to have learnt the very intricate details of yacht design in the best places.

And as we are about to witness in the America’s Cup, there is a part of science and also of intuition.