For a designer, the America’s Cup is a source of inspiration that leads to humility. A laboratory for competitive ideas, a quest for speed that sharpens the senses, shapes team spirit and competitiveness.

It is this quest that drives me, the quest to make the boats lighter, stiffer, to use the rarest and perhaps the most advanced materials, to understand them and assemble them with the finest methods so that the boats can glide, at tremendous speed, through water and air in the simplest manner.


4th participation in the America’s Cup. Today with Ineos Britannia. It is the energy of a team that can take ideas further with ever more efficient sail plans, sharper hulls, and increasingly sophisticated construction method

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Thomas Tison Yacht Design and NLcomp® have partnered for the development of the ecofoiler: a 3.80m foiling dinghy made with recyclable materials, with a focus on sustainability and performance. The Ecofoiler is accessible to a broad spectrum of sailors seeking the thrill of foiling with a minimal carbon footprint.

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‘In a way, every boat I design is an extension of the America’s Cup’

Thomas Tison