Bespoke design

The word ‘bespoke’ gets tossed around a lot in the marine industry, but Thomas Tison’s latest creation is truly deserving of that descriptor.

The French naval architect, who is currently working for the British America’s Cup team, has unveiled an elegant new vessel that was custom-built for a client seeking a cross between a high-speed racer and a classic wooden sailing yacht. The end result is a 49 footer that eschews the current trend of minimalist, carbon-fiber raceboats in favor of what tison describes as ‘a timeless prestige’.

 Unique construction method

Christened Elida, the slick offshore cruiser sports curved and tensed lines, with a pronouced flare, an inverted sheer line and a rouded turn of bilge. Tison’s eponymous fim developed a unique construction method for the hull in which Alaskan light wood was reinforced with woven carbon fiber. This results in an incredibly light yet stiff frame. In fact, Tison even carried out in-depth testing at an Airbus facility to check the material’s strength.

 Realizing the owner’s vision

After penning several layouts, the team settled on an open-plan interior that sees the aft cabins flow onto the main living section and the chart table tucked behind the companion way. This allowed for a longer cockpit and freed up space for a garage. To top it off, Tison engineered, a custom heating and ventilation system. The Frenchman even thought about acoustics and made sure that the yacht had a good level of sound insulation.

‘The key to realizing the owner’s vision is having an in-depth understanding of hi underlying needs,’ Tison said in a statement. ‘Even though it’s a process that takes time, this deep exploration allows us to come up with unique solutions for creating unique boats.’

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