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More than 25 countries concerned, 233 project brochure downloads, 50000 project views and countless passionate discussions since the 650PRO project launch.

Today, this ambitious project is noticed by foil experts around the world and became 5th Foiling Awards nominee in the Foiling Project category.

The 650PRO opened the fully foiling chapter for 650 offshore sailors by being granted a change of Class Rules for a better foiling arrangement.

We express our gratitude to the lovers of foiling and professional sailors for their attention to our work.

One sailor, one boat, the ocean

This isn’t a dream
for the future, it’s
happening. Now!

Our plan is to inject new vigour into the sport, including a vibrant circuit in which skippers can race ultra-fast identical foiling boats. We propose a competitive fleet of state-of-the-art foiling Mini 650s racing within their own events and in iconic Classe Mini races.

This aggressive looking boat is the product of a world-class team that has carefully analysed each element.

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With is surface piercing main foil and single elevator, the TT 650 PRO is a simple foiling platform that require no electrical control system.


Early take off

The main foil exits from under the hull and extends to the rule maximum beam to maximize efficiency so you can benefit from foiling in more conditions.

Stable foiling platform

The elevator is mounted on a gantry to increase the power of the elevator. The elevator has been generously sized to provide greater pitch stability, the faster you go, the less elevator angle is needed.


The main foil can be fully retracted when the sea and wind conditions are not favorable for foiling. The foil can be stored up on deck and to windward for better weight placement.

Pro sailing in a
pocket high
tech boat

Scow hull shape

The hull has been specifically designed for foiling, including an area aligned with the foil whose role is to smooth out some of the wave motion for a more constant foiling height. The beam is carried almost the full length to maximize both form stability and planning area, enabling high speed sailing when weather conditions make foiling impossible.


Rig arrangement

A rotating regular mast tube and mainsail is fitted, with an aero fairing at the intersection of the sail and the tube for increase aero performance. In addition, the standard traveller arrangement is replaced by a reverse vang designed specifically for this boat which provides an 80:1 mechanical advantage. It carries the mainsail leech tension and thus reduces mainsheet loads, which makes for easy dynamic mainsail trimming.

Platform for hospitality

We understand hospitality is important for sponsors during events. The boat can foil with the two foils down, generating a second foiling mode which is more approachable, with reduced speed and more upright flight.


Advanced structure

The construction is of a fully optimized nomex carbon prepreg sandwich. The internal spine deals with the extra rig loads that are produced when foiling at high speed, while the longitudinal stiffeners carry the extra impact loads encountered when foiling. The foils can deal with large impact forces and are housed in a watertight compartment for additional safety.

A safe asset
built in premium

Linking sponsors
& skippers

For skippers

The 650PRO require new thinking to set up your campaign. Get in touch with us to learn more.

For sponsors

The 650PRO is the most advanced yet simplest racing yacht. Get in touch with us to learn how you can reach your company’s aims to increase brand awareness, facilitate recruitment, internal communications or acquire new clients.

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“A new boat worth looking at. The ambition of the 650 PRO is to become a true offshore one design for the Vendée Globe candidates and pro offshore sailors”

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