The first project presentation of the 650PRO took place at the Multiplast facilities on the 8th of April with great success!

The event gathered more than 30 people from all horizons: pro skippers, passionate individuals, yacht design students, members of sailing teams, technical suppliers, and sailing clubs and federation envoys.

I want to thank everyone who came and also those who could not make it for their interest to date.


The yard and us are now ready to move onto the next steps.

– You can download the project brochure with pricing information as well as the technical specifications below. The yard can build one boat per month, with the aim to build 5 to 10 boats before next year.

– The circuit is a key part of this project. We are working on it and a proposal will be published next week. It will include races in the Med and Atlantic as well as a specific yearly 650PRO event. Imagine taking part in the Giraglia Rolex Cup, Grand Prix Guyader, racing to the Fastnet and of course the iconic Mini Transat in only 2 years.

If you are interested, we will be happy to answer you by email or phone. Contact details are at the end of this email.

Download the pricing and technical specification below

You can find the main project brochure with pricing information here.

You can find the technical specifications here.

We are ready to take this project forward with you. Get in touch.



The picture is clear, interest for this project has always been from around the world. For those that could not attend the event, here is a summary of what was discussed during the presentation.

The context: offshore racing and foilers

Interest for foilers and offshore racing is rising globally: Moths of course,  Nacra 17, Club Swan 36 (not quite foiling), the Persico 69F all the way to the America’s Cup and the Vendee Globe which have further amplified the movement. Yet there is still no smaller offshore racer capable of foiling.

On the one hand, the Figaro 3 is highly competitive, with a lower foiling ability than the current IMOCAS. The Class 40 forbids the use of foils, and the duration for which the boats will remain competitive is likely to decrease.

On the other hand the Mini 6.50 is currently seeing a surge of interest in the Series category but the Proto category (where foilers could develop) has declined in the past 10 years: the complexity of the boat makes building a Proto by a skipper harder and harder and the commercial / sponsorship value has remained the same.

The 650PRO is proposing a way to solve the build cost aspect by the one design construction and the commercial value by a dedicated circuit.

Following this event, I am convinced the experience of Multiplast building IMOCAs will be key to deal with the technical complexity and to make these boats more readily available.

The 650PRO circuit proposal

The 650PRO circuit was then presented. In keeping with the international vision, the proposal is for the circuit to be based in Palma in 2022 to facilitate access for all european skippers. And in Lorient in 2023 prior to the Mini Transat, with a dedicated 650PRO event in Palma each year for sponsors. Of course discussion is encouraged on this subject.

To me it is clear that whoever sails on the 650PRO will be a logical skipper for the Vendee Globe with the proven finesse to foil, endurance to sail offshore, and intuition.

The budget

When I started this project, the aim was to bring our experience in the America’s Cup to the Mini 6.50, to create a foiler which would be exciting. There are much less expensive ways of building a boat, but this approach ensures weight is in exactly the right places for optimal strength, stiffness and reliability without compromising performance.

The best proposal according to us is for campaigns to last 4 years, in which case a pro campaign, including skippers’s salary will start at 17000 euros per month.

In short, this circuit offers a new proposition for sponsors and sailors who want to immediately stand out, and build a strong presence in the offshore sailing world.